challenge on nature photography - day 2

January 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

And so to day 2 of my #challengeonnaturephotography posts. Today I would like to share this black and white image 'Inside a Waterfall'.

inside a waterfallinside a waterfalla waterfall frozen in time, revealing the sinuous shapes, bubbles and glass-like forms that exist for fractions of seconds before making way for new ones.

I love the 'frozen', almost glass-like appearance of the falling water in the image. I took a lot of photos of the 'inside' of this waterfall at RHS Wisley, and I found it just fascinating how what looks to the naked eye to be a wall of water can be revealed by the camera to be an ever moving and evolving rhythm of shapes, lines, bubbles and water. This is my favourite image from the session. 

My challenge on nature photography is with friend and fellow photographer Graham Hazelgreaves.


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