mucking about in the garden again

June 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been accumulating a few more 'in the garden' images in the last week or so. Trying to make to most of the midsummer and the gorgeous long evening light that comes with it. We've been fortunate in the south east (UK) to have not-too-much rain and lots of golden light ... so much so that I actually found myself watering the lawn and garden beds last week as the moss patch lawn was starting to get a bit of a brown tinge to it. And we can't have that!

It does seem odd though - the UK has such a reputation for being damp, yet there's a proliferation of lawn sprinklers around, guarding against brown lawns. I didn't really consider that running through the sprinkler would be a part of my childrens' memories as well as mine.

Anyway, so I found myself watering the moss patch lawn and garden beds with the hose (as we don't yet own a sprinkler) and it gave me a lovely opportunity to properly look. And what I saw inspired me to duck inside, grab the camera, double back for an SD card and take some photos while the water drops were still decorating the plants.

I've not processed all of the images yet, but here are two that I absolutely love. I hope you love them too.

M xx

waiting for flightwaiting for flightwater droplets on a dandelion seed head. By Surbiton nature and product photographer Marion Wotton

waterdrops on a fading rosewaterdrops on a fading roseBy Surbiton nature and product photographer Marion Wotton


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