into the garden

June 12, 2015  •  2 Comments

I managed to sneak a few minutes in the garden this evening. A few, blissful minutes between the kids being tucked up in bed and the golden sunlight being chased away by a short, sharp rain shower.

Of the shots I captured of the various blooms currently populating our garden, I really like this one. A fading rose, which in its simple, graceful and elegant decline speaks of the passage of time in a gentle way. Something I needed to be reminded of after an incredibly busy, hectic week that seemed to be over before it felt like it had even begun. 

fading rosefading roseBy Surbiton nature and product photographer Marion Wotton


Marion Wotton Photography
Thanks Heather! It was such a gorgeous light that once I finally said goodnight I couldn't not grab the camera! It was just what I needed as I've spent more of the last two weeks editing, rather than taking photos (dance portraits that I can share soon - once the clients have seen them ;-) )
Heather Czarnota(non-registered)
Beautiful! Love that you ran out after the kids were down...reminds me to look for those opportunities rather than say I never have the time to take pics because of the kids.
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