autumn glory

October 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

by food and product photographer Marion Wotton

Autumn has well and truly set in now in London. There's nothing quite like clear blue skies, bright sunshine and a fabulous crispness to the air. The colours that come with Autumn aren't too shabby, either.

colours of autumn displayed in a wreathcolours of autumnBy food and product photographer Marion Wotton.
Fine art photograph displaying the glorious colours of autumn via a free-form wreath of autumn leaves
I gathered these leaves from a very early-to-turn tree close to my son's nursery. I must have looked like some sort of crazy woman when I stopped the car and jumped out in a hurry, only to be rummaging on the ground to try and gather some perfect Autumn leaves!! 

The variation in colours just amazes me. I tried a number of different arrangements to try and demonstrate the beauty of them, and this wreath arrangement shows them off just perfectly to me.

To segue on the colour theme, I was pleased when I read that Waitrose (a UK grocery chain) is stocking ever more heritage varieties of English apples and pears (amongst other fruits) - a little more of the 'buy and eat local' has always got to be a good thing. However when I saw these apples and pears in store, the excitement kicked in. They were all so beautiful to looks at and their colours are just so fabulously autumnal. I couldn't help but hide them from the kids when I first got them home and use them as still life subjects.

drunk autumn peardrunk autumn pearFine art photograph of pears, featuring British heritage varieties I call this one 'the drunk pear'.

autumn queueautumn queueFine art photograph featuring British heritage varieties of apples and pears I just love the luminance of the fruit in this one.

As well as the leaves I gathered for the top photograph (which make an appearance here as well), I also managed to forage some grapes for the next still life. And yes, there are wine grapes that grow wild near my south-west London home! (don't ask!!) 

autumn tableautumn tableFine art photograph of autumn, featuring heritage varieties of British apples and pears, together with foraged grapes I am so glad to have been able to capture these portraits of Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

My ode to Autumn. 


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