Musings about what's inspiring and influencing me in my food and product photography. I'd love to hear your comments and feedback .. and questions, for that matter! 


food photoshoot - behind the scenes with Sugar Plum Bakes

May 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Guest Blog Post by Sugar Plum Bakes I recently had the pleasure of partaking in a food styling photo shoot with Marion. Now as I run my baking business from home, I'm well accustomed to switching my kitchen between domestic and professional use. But, this is the first time it's ever been transformed into a photo studio. And after the fun we had, it...
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framed artwork photography

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I recently had the pleasure of photographing some new artwork for a local business woman. The images will be appearing initially on her website and then on any on- and offline marketing materials that she has developed for her business. We had an absolute blast, and I can't wait to see the images on her website! Unfortunately, however, I can't sha...
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how is it March already?!

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I just realised that it's over two months since my last blog post. Two months!! How is the year slipping by so quickly?! And it's not that I've not had anything to blog about, but somehow I have neglected to make time to write & post about all the things that I have been doing. Butterflies at RHS Wisley Something that I absolutely loved doing b...
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challenge on nature photography - day 6

January 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Day 6 of my #challengeonnaturephotography posts, and this choice is inspired by the timeless Disney movie Fantasia. I remember being entranced by the movie when I first saw it as a child aged about 6 - it was the first time that I was able to truly understand the stories that could be told through music. It was a revelation! Even now the Dance of t...
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challenge on nature photography - day 5

January 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
For my Day 5 image of my #challengeonnaturephotography, I am revisiting the greenhouse at RHS Wisley that is just outside London's M25 ring road, in Surrey. This is an overhead shot of a fabulous and rather small succulent that just cried out to me to be photographed. I call this 'fractals in nature'. I love finding patterns in plants and the na...
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